Kadak films - An AD film production house based in Jodhpur, India

Great work begins with a passion.

A passion that had been brewing for a few years now.

A passion to drive films in a way no other. And hence, 'Kadak films' was born.

Set up in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, KADAK is an analogy to a creative force, a voracious mind and a desire to put forward the best.

Who are we? A bunch of yearning minds to put the best creative foot forward in film-making

where creativity, quality, and timeliness is the guiding light.

Be it the brand promotional ad films, Documenting your business story 

or any kind of motion picture, we will conquer all.

In this fierce competition of creating brand value,

we are there to give the right direction.

All Rights Reserved | Copyrights Kadak Films India 2019

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